Pay With Your Phone Virtually Everywhere


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Pay with your phone

LoopPay allows you to pay with your phone at your favorite places.

All your cards, on your phone

Securely use, store and organize all your credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards, even drivers license and insurance cards, all in one convenient place – your phone.

Leave the bulky wallet at home

With all your cards on your phone, you can leave your wallet in a safe place at home.

Secure and Backed Up

All your cards are locked by your PIN. Enjoy peace of mind knowing there is a virtual copy of your digital wallet should you ever lose your phone. LoopWallet is safer and more secure than carrying a physical wallet.

Pay with your phone

Pay faster with LoopPay, no more fumbling with your wallet.

Pay virtually everywhere you shop

Accepted at tens of millions of retailers around the world, LoopPay works at 90% of stores and restaurants that use credit and debit card readers – no special equipment needed.

The right card always at your fingertips

Pay with any card using a LoopPay device; change cards whenever you like.

Pay with the press of a button

Place your LoopPay device against the credit card reader in store where you normally swipe and press the button on the side of the device to pay instantly.

How LoopPay Works

Find the LoopPay product that fits your needs

From keychains to phone charge cases, LoopPay is a family of products that let you pay virtually everywhere without the hassle of searching for a card or fumbling for your wallet.

LoopPay Fob

Attach the LoopPay Fob to your keychain to pay with a press of a button. The LoopPay Fob lets you pay independently from your phone so you can take it anywhere on the go.

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New! LoopPay ChargeCase

Pay by phone instantly in store with the press of a button on the LoopPay ChargeCase, while also providing extra battery power for your iPhone 5 or 5s.
For a limited time, LoopPay Fob included for FREE.
$29.95 retail value.

Buy now $89.95

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LoopPay, on your Smartphone

Leave your cards and your bulky wallet at home. The LoopWallet app lets you store all your payment, loyalty and gift cards in a single, secure and smart place.

Fast and Convenient

Our simple user interface places all your cards at your fingertips. Select and use them in seconds, and get rid of the clutter in your wallet.

Safe and secure

Setup in minutes with the highest level of security. LoopPay uses a highly secure, payment industry-approved chip to store all your card data.

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