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Discover the simple steps to pay with your phone


Order a LoopPay device


You can pay with your iPhone 5 or 5s (not 5c) and make use of 60% more battery with the LoopPay ChargeCase. Pay with the LoopPay Fob attached to your phone or with the Fob Button Pay. Choose your favorite color for the Loop Fob, available for the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s and for many Android phones. (See Android Compatibility)


Reduce the clutter and discover the LoopWallet™ app

App screens

After you receive your LoopPay Fob or LoopPay ChargeCase, organize, store and swipe in all of your payment, gift, loyalty and rewards cards on the LoopWallet app and use them virtually everywhere. All your cards and personal information are encrypted and stored on your LoopPay device. The LoopPay device is linked to your account and your account is yours and yours alone – it’s much safer.


Choose a card of your choice, simply Tap to Pay


Place the LoopPay ChargeCase against the credit card reader in store where you normally swipe and Tap to Pay. For faster checkout, press the button on the side of the ChargeCase to pay instantly with your designated default card. It’s fast, convenient and secure.