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Why Loop?

b0fb1dc4744572481538f44b305337af_largeLoop makes life simple.
It’s the world’s first mobile wallet that securely stores all your cards* and lets you use them at more than 90-percent of today’s retailers.
*payment, ID, membership, gift cards

Loop scans, stores and organizes all your cards on a smartphone securely, and lets you pay at virtually every retailer today.

Store, organize and use as many cards as you wish

You’ll love Loop because you can store and organize all your cards on a smartphone, and use them just about everywhere. And get this. It works with more than 90-percent of today’s merchants without the need to change anything to their systems. Loop is secure, super convenient and can help you find great deals from your favorite merchants and card issuers, too!

It’s simple. Loop lets you scan or swipe all the cards you are carrying in your wallet today, along with those that just couldn’t fit. You know – those other plastic cards like IDs, gift cards, membership and loyalty cards. Don’t worry. Loop can hold hundreds of them without ballooning in size like your wallet. What’s more, Loop can enable valuable commercial interactions with participating card issuers and merchants by providing in-app specials, along with real time account and credit balance information, and more.

How cool is that?

Loop as seen in the media

Loop Fob and ChargeCase


You have your choice of two hardware solutions to get started – the Loop Fob or the Loop ChargeCase. Both are managed through the LoopWallet mobile app to simplify, store and organize the way you pay at more than 90-percent of today’s retailers. Which one is best for you?

fob-front-viewThe Loop Fob.
Dimensions: 1.5-inches by 1.65-inches, .21-inch deep.

Loop Fob

The Loop Fob is a small audio jack device featuring a built-in card reader that safely stores and encrypts your cards into a secure memory module. For such a compact device, the Fob is really smart. A microprocessor and a magnetic induction loop within the Loop Fob allow you to transmit your card data to nearly every retail merchant card reader today. The Loop Fob is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices (Android app available in second quarter 2014). The Loop Fob is capable of transmitting your card data while attached to your phone or it can be used without your phone in detached mode for restaurant or bar settings.

Fob going into the Bumper.

For an easy and stylish carry, we offer the Fob Bumper. In the package, you also get an audio jack key ring to conveniently bring your Loop Fob with you. Very nice.

The Loop ChargeCase.
Dimensions: 5.02-inches by 2.45-inches, .68 inch deep.

Loop ChargeCase

The Loop ChargeCase is compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s with a sleek protective smartphone case that delivers up to 60-percent more battery power when you need it. But it’s more than that. A microprocessor and a magnetic induction loop within the Loop ChargeCase allow you to transmit your card data to nearly every retail merchant card reader today. The ChargeCase also comes with an encrypted audio jack card reader to swipe all your mag stripe cards into your Loop account. It’s got brains and brawn. You’ve got to love this.

The Mag Stripe Reader included with the Loop ChargeCase is used only for loading cards into the LoopWallet app. Unlike the Loop Fob, this Mag Stripe Reader isn’t intended to conduct payment transactions.

How Loop Works


Your LoopWallet is password and PIN protected.

Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology generates changing magnetic fields over a very short period of time. This is accomplished by putting alternating current through an inductive loop, which can then be received by the magnetic read head of the credit card reader. The signal received from Loop emulates the same magnetic field change as a mag stripe card when swiped across the same read head. Loop works within a 4-inch distance from the read head. The field dissipates rapidly beyond that point, and only exists during a transmission initiated by the user.

How cards are loaded and used

It’s easy. With the Loop Fob, you swipe your mag stripe cards into the secure memory module through the Fob’s integrated mag card reader. With the Loop ChargeCase you get a separate audio jack mag card reader that does the same. You can then use the LoopWallet app to select the card you wish to use at checkout. Simply place your Loop accessory near the credit card reader, and hit the transmit button. The signal is sent immediately and the credit card machine accepts the Loop transmission. Your transaction is completed in mere seconds. Brilliant.

Simple and powerful management

Loop gives you total control of what you put in your mobile wallet. Just load your cards as described above (credit, debit, gift, membership, loyalty) into the secure memory module inside the Loop Fob or ChargeCase. Use your LoopWallet app to organize and manage your cards. You can even take photos of your IDs, membership cards, and sales receipts. The LoopWallet app also allows you to store your passwords in a centralized location, too. As you would expect, your Loop accessory can only be unlocked with your security PIN.

You have complete control over what cards to use, and when to use them, just like a regular wallet. You can also transmit a “default” card that you select by simply pressing the transmit button on the Loop Fob or ChargeCase.

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