LoopWallet app
for Android

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Now Android users, like you, can be In the Loop.


Loop has made the LoopWallet app for Android available in Google Play.


For the first time, Android users can actually use their phones to pay with their credit cards at over 90% of merchants.  You see, Loop has bridged the gap from the Android phone to the point-of-sale without requiring the merchant to upgrade to new technology like NFC or barcodes.


Loop Fob
With the LoopWallet app, you can now take advantage of the many features that will change the way you pay where you shop every day.

The Loop Fob transmits your mag stripe data to the POS terminal as if you were swiping your card. Pick one up now, click HERE.


  • Store all payment, loyalty, gift, rewards and ID cards
  • Thins your wallet and organizes your payment options
  • Card data is encrypted and stored safely on your Loop Fob
  • Safe and fast payments at the POS
  • Accessible, just like your photos, music and contacts 
  • Everything you need to pay at your fingertips 


Visit the Loop Support Community for more information.


Be in the Loop and join the revolution in how we pay for goods and services.  


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