LoopPay is now better than ever
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LoopPay Device Firmware Update
In addition to all the cool new features in the LoopPay app, 
we are updating the firmware in your LoopPay Card

Once you complete the new app installation you have the option to update the firmware. If you see an "!" in the case icon in the alert center at the top of the wallet screen, you can choose to tap it to update the firmware. The update will take a few minutes.

This update is designed to improve the acceptance of your transactions at more merchants and additional POS terminals.

Introducing MultiBeam

LoopPay is instituting a new "sequence" we call MultiBeam. What that means is that instead of just pressing the button on your LoopPay Card to transmit one signal, it will now send multiple sequences over 3-4 seconds to the POS terminal. Simply hold the device on the mag stripe reading slot for that period of time and you will increase your read rate success significantly. 

Note: MultiBeam is only available on the LoopPay Card and CardCase.