“Preparing for launch, Samsung Pay emphasizes magnetic transmission and global distribution”
“Samsung’s digital wallet service will work with existing credit card terminals”
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“Samsung Pay works almost anywhere your credit card does”
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“Google faces potential class-action lawsuit over Wallet privacy”
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“Popular Mobile Payments App Venmo Adds Feature to ‘Maximize Security’”
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“Samsung’s LoopPay Tech Challenges Apple Pay: Walmart Exec”
“Apple Sold $2 Billion Worth Of iPhones Into Samsung’s User Base”
“Review: Samsung rises to challenge with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge”
“Samsung Bets Big On Magnetic Stripe Transmission For Samsung Pay”
“Samsung developing Biosignal ID for smartwatch to process financial transactions”
“Samsung Gear Smartwatch May Feature Biosignal Authentication In The Future, Patent Suggests”
“Samsung patents biometrical ID system”
“Samsung Talks About Its New Samsung Pay Service”
“Samsung’s bet on biometrics for smartwatch payments”
“Why mobile payment systems aren’t catching on”
“Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and more: A guide to mobile payment apps”
“Samsung Invents Biosignal ID for their Smartwatch to Assist in Financial Transactions and Beyond”
“Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge or S5 — which do I choose?”
“Banks Have Little Time to Make the Right Mobile Pay Call”
“Jay Y. Lee holds meeting with Citic’s chairman”
“Samsung Electronics Concentrating on Fintech for Future Growth”
“Taking Tokenization Beyond The Transaction”
“5 Facts That Will Win over Any Apple Pay Skeptic”
“Exclusive: Paydiant Co-Founder Expects More Consolidation After PayPal Merger, Others May ‘Cease To Exist’”
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“Market Maturation: Mobile Payments Are Finally At The Tipping Point”
“Parsing the Mobile Payment Playing Field”
“Review: The S6 Edge Is One Of Samsung’s Best-Looking Phones Ever”
“Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge Available For Preorder March 27, In Stores April 10”
“Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge bring better design, more power, and less clutter than predecessors”
“US Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-orders kick off tomorrow”
“Trends in the payments industry for 2015”
“Are you ready for a cashless society?”
“Comment: Digital commerce takes main role at Mobile World Congress”
“MasterCard’s (MA) Management Presents at Barclays Emerging Payments Forum (Transcript)”
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“Welcome to the World of Gadget Commerce”
“From Cows To Mobile – The Ideas That Changed Payments”
“Innovation Project Best In Show — Payments Style”
“Piper JaffraylowerseBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY)Stock in the Open Market”
“Samsung Pay vs. Apple Pay: Which is Better, Safer and More Flexible?”
“eBay Inc (EBAY) Stock Downgraded At Piper Jaffray”
“eBay Stock Slumps Today as Piper Jaffray Downgrades”
“Mobile Payments Validation & Facebook’s Peer-to-Peer Plan”
“Visa exec hails tokenisation as a mobile payments driver”
“What Google must do to make sure Apple Pay doesn’t take over the world”
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“Smartphone cash withdrawals set to fight card fraud”
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“In Pictures: The New Mobile Wallet Battleground”
“Paytm now allows transfer of money from mobile wallet to bank account”
“RBTE 2015: Mobile payments disruptors are being disrupted”
“Samsung Acquires Apple Pay Rival LoopPay”
“Samsung buys LoopPay — goes after Google Wallet, Apple Pay”
“Samsung is buying LoopPay for its own spin on Apple Pay”
“Some of Us Say Debit, Credit Cards Are Done in Just 5 Years”
“Will Credit Card Companies Reap The Benefits Of Growing Mobile Payment Market?”
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“Mobile Wallet Wars”
“Reports of Acquirers’ Death Overblown, But a Threat Remains”
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“iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 comparison review: iPhone-alike Samsung offers great power, display and cameras. But seriously guys… what’s with the shiny finish?”
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“Samsung Electronics Co. Stocks Rose as Citigroup Inc. Raised its Share Forecast and Earnings Estimates”
“Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with Samsung Pay – How it fares against Apple Pay”
“Samsung surges as Citigroup raises share forecast, estimates”
“Samsung Surges as Citigroup Raises Share Forecast, Estimates”
“Square, Samsung & Cutting Fees in Mobile Payments”
“The fight for your wallet: A look at the mobile payment scene’s new big three”
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“Samsung Galaxy S6 Set to be released with Samsung Pay Feature”
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“Samsung Pay aiming for quick uptake by waiving all payment fees, in contrast to Apple Pay”
“Samsung Pay looks to rapidly expand by waiving Fees”
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“LG G4 Release Coming, Smartphone With Own Processor UX 4.0 for April 2015 Release”
“MWC 2015 – Samsung Pay: The Industry Verdict”
“MWC 2015: Visa Wants to Help Apple Pay Rivals”
“Samsung Acquires Electronics Company YESCO For Its LED Technology”
“Samsung and Google Ignite Mobile Payment War”
“Samsung Galaxy S6 Arrives at MWC 2015 with High-End Metal Design, Samsung Pay”
“Samsung mobile payment system LoopPay could give Samsung badly needed boost”
“Samsung most talked about at MWC 2015, Apple second – report”
“Samsung Pay unveiled on latest Galaxy S6 at MWC”
“Samsung Pay vs. Apple Pay: There’s a difference”
“Samsung upgrading LED display collection with Yesco Electronics buy”
“Samsung’s Latest Acquisition: Utah-Based Yesco Electronics”
“Softcard to shut down at the end of the month; Apple, Samsung and Google to battle for supremacy”
“The consolidation game in the mobile payments market”
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“With Softcard’s Demise, Another Mobile Wallet Officially Bites The Dust”
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“Android Pay: Mobile Payment Systems, Unite”
“Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay”
“Can Samsung Pay One-Up Apple Pay and the Rest?”
“Can Samsung Pay One-Up Apple Pay and the Rest?”
“Can Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft challenge Apple in services and become lifestyle companies?”
“Google Inc Acquires Softcard to Rival Apple Inc Pay and Samsung Bunch’s LoopPay”
“Google’s Pichai: On Android Pay, MVNO Mobile Network Details, Monetizing Android”
“Hands On With Samsung Pay”
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“MWC 2015: Samsung S6 has the Curves, Plays the Angles”
“Phabba-dabba-do: Samsung hypes up Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge”
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“Samsung Pay Launches At GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona”
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“LoopPay powers payment tech on Samsung’s new phones”
“MasterCard Highlights Essential Role in Samsung’s Latest Mobile Payments Offering”
“Mobile Payment Soup: Samsung Launches Pay, PayPal Buys Paydiant, Google Wallet Returns”
“Mobile Payments Doesn’t Sway Device Upgrade for 97 Percent”
“Mobile Wallets Race: Samsung Pay Debuts; PayPal Deals”
“MWC 2015: New Details For Samsung’s Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge And Samsung Pay”
“Samsung ditches plastic design, adds mobile pay in new phone”
“Samsung Galaxy 6S and Galaxy 6S Edge first look”
“Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, Unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Offer Best of iPhone and More”
“Samsung Galaxy S6 Models Nix Plastic for Metal and Glass, Add Mobile Pay”
“Samsung Group Pay May Have Superior Edge Over Apple Inc Pay, Google Inc Wallet”
“Samsung is racing into mobile payments to challenge Apple Pay and Google Wallet”
“Samsung Pay could overtake Apple Pay in mobile payments”
“Samsung Pay faces uphill climb against Apple Pay, Google Wallet”
“Samsung Pay has one advantage over Apple Pay — at least for now”
“Samsung Pay launch cranks up pressure in mobile payments battle”
“Samsung Pay On Galaxy S6 Debuts At MWC”
“Samsung Pay steps up competition with Apple and Google”
“Samsung Pay vs. Apple Pay vs. Android Pay”
“Samsung Pay Vs. Apple Pay Vs. Google Wallet: Why Magnetic Tech Gives Samsung An Advantage”
“Samsung Technology Offers Consumers The Best Payment Solution; Is That Enough?”
“Samsung’s grand obsession with the iPhone”
“Samsung’s payments plan will work everywhere — if users install it”
“Six things you should know about Samsung’s Galaxy S6, S6 Edge”
“Visa Throws its Support Behind Samsung Pay”
“‘Samsung Pay’ says it will use magnetic strip tech to trump Apple Pay, Android Pay”
“Battle over mobile payments is raging”
“First Look: Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge Finally Get a Premium Design”
“Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: A new look for Samsung and a new wallet”
“It’s official: Samsung Pay is real”
“Samsung answers Apple with curvy Galaxy S6 phones, Samsung Pay”
“Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge sport new design and new payment system”
“Samsung just unveiled a new payments platform that could be bigger than Apple Pay”
“Samsung Looks to Outsmart Apple, Google on Mobile Payments”
“Samsung Pay – All the Interesting New Features that You Should Know”
“Samsung Pay has all the tools it needs to surpass Apple Pay”
“Samsung Pay Makes Galaxy S6 a Better Mobile Wallet”
“Samsung Pay takes on Apple Pay as mobile payments war heats up”
“Samsung Pay Takes On Apple Pay This Summer With LoopPay’s MST Tech”
“Samsung Pay takes on Apple Pay, but goes further”
“Samsung reveals Apple Pay competitor ‘Samsung Pay’”
“Samsung to launch mobile payments in challenge to Google, Apple”
“Samsung unveils Galaxy S6 smartphone”
“Samsung unveils Galaxy S6 with NFC and LoopPay mobile payments”
“Samsung Unveils S6 Phones, Mobile Wallet to Challenge Apple”
“Samsung’s mobile payments service is coming this summer”
“Samsung’s New Galaxy Phones Ditch Plastic for Metal”
“Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge put design first”
“Take That, Apple! Samsung Unveils Its Own Pay-With-Your-Phone System”
“These Are Samsung’s New Phones: The Galaxy S6 and the Curved Galaxy S6 Edge”
“Google Inc and Samsung Challenge Apple Inc in Mobile Payment Race”
“Samsung Galaxy S6 to Offer Mobile Payment Thanks to LoopPay Purchase”
“4 Alternatives to Apple Pay”
“The three legged race for glory in the mobile payments sector”
“Digital Wallets: End of the Beginning or Beginning of the End?”
“Is Peter Thiel Helping Samsung with Samsung Pay?”
“Samsung Buys LoopPay to Outfit Galaxy S6 Against Apple Pay”
“Softcard joins former competitor Google to face Apple”
“Use LoopPay and truly leave your wallet at home”
“LoopPay CEO: Samsung Thinking Beyond Samsung Devices For Mobile Payments”
“Samsung exec meets with PayPal founder – Apple Pay rival one step closer”
“Apple gets to watch on as Google and Samsung scrap it out”
“Google in pact with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon over Google Wallet”
“Google Inc Buys Softcard To Beat Apple Pay and Samsung LoopPay”
“Google Inc Buys Softcard To Challenge Apple Inc. Pay And Samsung Group’s LoopPay”
“Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay: It’s going to come down to which phone you own”
“LoopPay vs. Google Wallet: Which mobile payment method works better?”
“Softcard surrenders to Google”
“Target on Apple Pay: Samsung Acquires LoopPay; Google Teams Up with 3 U.S. Wireless Carriers”
“Will This Deal Allow Samsung to Take on Apple Pay?”
“Business news in brief”
“Can Samsung’s LoopPay Beat Apple Pay with Point-of-Sale Advantage?”
“Google buys Softcard, teams up with carriers on mobile payments”
“Google Buys Softcard’s Technology, Gets Deal With U.S. Carriers”
“Google Guns for Apple in Mobile Payments Race”
“Google Inc Relaunches Wallet To Counter Apple Inc. Apple Pay And Samsung’s (SSNLF) LoopPay”
“Google Strikes Mobile Payments Deal With Big Wireless Carriers, Buys Softcard Technology”
“Google to buy mobile wallet technology from Softcard”
“Google Wallet Is Now Poised To Compete with Apple Pay After Its Deal with Softcard”
“Google Wallet will soon come pre-installed on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile Android phones”
“LoopPay on 7News”
“Mobile banking takes off in UK”
“Mobile Payment Head-To-Head: LoopPay Vs. Apple Pay”
“Mobile Payments’ Red Carpet”
“Nigeria: Samsung – Competing On Mobile Os and Mobile Pay”
“Retail IT News For VARs 2-23-15: Measures To Improve Payment Security”
“Samsung acquires mobile payments firm LoopPay”
“Samsung and Google on the attack against Apple Pay”
“Samsung Buys LoopPay”
“Samsung Electronics to Acquire Mobile Payment Service Provider LoopPay”
“Samsung Galaxy S6 LoopPay vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus Apple Pay”
“Samsung Galaxy S6: What to Expect From the Big Reveal”
“Samsung jumps into mobile payment market to challenge Apple Pay”
“Samsung picks payment fight with Google”
“Apple Pay taking over mobile payments as rivals struggle to compete”
“Apple Pay vs LoopPay: Samsung acquires mobile payments firm”
“How LoopPay Helps Samsung (SSNLF) Catch Up With Apples (AAPL) Apple Pay”
“Samsung Confirms Buying LoopPay for Mobile Payments”
“Samsung set to challenge Apple Pay”
“Samsung to Acquire LoopPay to Compete With Apple Pay”
“Samsungs LoopPay vs. ApplePay: VHS vs. Betamax?”
“Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: Payments, Security, Innovation”
“Mobile Industry on the Move”
“Samsung Set To Rival Apple Pay With Acquisition Of LoopPay”
“Weekly Tech Highlights: How Apple, Tesla And Google Could Dominate The Auto Industry”
“Apple Pay vs. Samsung’s LoopPay?”
“Samsung acquires Apple Pay competitor LoopPay”
“Samsung acquires Boston-based mobile payment solutions provider LoopPay”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay – Introduces NFC And Magnetic Secure Transmission Methods”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay To Compete With Apple Pay”
“Samsung Buys Apple Pay Rival”
“Samsung buys US mobile payments company LoopPay”
“Samsung dips into wallet to purchase LoopPay”
“Samsung Gobbles Apple Pay Rival LoopPay (And It Doesn’t Use NFC Technology)”
“Samsung goes after Apple on new front”
“Samsung May Announce “Samsung Pay” At Mobile World Congress 2015”
“Samsung Moves Into Mobile Payments, Buys LoopPay”
“Samsung Ropes In LoopPay To Take On ApplePay”
“Samsung Takes Over LoopPay Startup to Compete with Apple Pay, Softcard”
“Samsung Umbrella’s LoopPay Worthy Competitor Against Apples Version?”
“Samsung’s Move to Payments Creates Friction With Google”
“This Week on the TC Gadgets Podcast: Smart Watches, Samsung LoopPay, and Bluetooth Toothbrushes”
“Why Samsung is right to bypass Google Wallet for LoopPay”
“Will Samsung’s mobile wallet plans work? We’ll know in 7 months”
“With Samsung Acquiring LoopPay, Whats In Store for Apple Pay?”
“5 reasons Samsung buying LoopPay is a big deal”
“Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Pay or Samsung’s LoopPay Which Will Become the Future Digital Payment Standard?”
“Apple Pay Vs LoopPay: Samsung Set To Buy Mobile Payment Company LoopPay As They Plan On Challenging Apple Pay Soon!”
“Apple sued, Greece blinks and Walmart reports — 5 things to know today”
“Can Samsung’s latest acquisition take on Apple Pay?”
“Could Samsung Challenge Apple Pay With Its Acquisition Of LoopPay?”
“Did Samsung Just Ace Apple Pay?”
“EXCLUSIVE: LoopPay CEO Talks Samsung Acquisition, Apple Pay”
“Fully Charged: Samsung buys digital wallet tech, new World of Tanks, and the DeLorean iPhone case”
“Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: Samsung Just Bought an Edge”
“Hey Apple! Samsung buys potentially game-changing mobile payment company”
“How the Latest Samsung Acquisition Helps it Challenge Apple Pay”
“JP Morgan: Samsung’s Acquisition Of LoopPay Is Good News For Apple”
“LoopPay CEO talks Samsung deal, competing against Apple”
“LoopPay deal offers challenge to Apple”
“Mobile Payment Wars Loom After Samsung Purchase”
“Samsung acquire Loop Pay mobile wallet tech”
“Samsung Acquired LoopPay To Compete Apple Inc. (AAPL) in Mobile Payments”
“Samsung acquires company to compete with Apple Pay”
“Samsung acquires Kickstarter success story LoopPay to rival Apple Pay”
“Samsung acquires LoopPay in bid to counter Apple payment system”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay In Preparation For Wireless Payments Showdown With Apple Pay”
“Samsung acquires LoopPay mobile payments startup – Apple Pay rival coming with Galaxy S6?”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay Startup: Company Will Compete With Apple Pay Electronic Wallet”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay to breathe new Life into their Digital Wallet Prior to the Mobile World Congress Event in March”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay to Compete with Apple”
“Samsung acquires LoopPay to compete with Apple in mobile-payments”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay To Compete With Apple Pay”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay to Launch A rival For Apple Pay.”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay to Offer its Own Apple Pay Competitor”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay to take on Apple Pay”
“Samsung Acquires LoopPay, Boosts Mobile Payments Arm”
“Samsung acquires LoopPay, plans to integrate mobile payment technology into future devices”
“Samsung acquires LoopPay, to rival Apple Pay in US markets”
“Samsung acquires LoopPay, to rival Google Wallet and Aple Pay”
“Samsung Acquires Mobile Paying Service LoopPay”
“Samsung Acquires Mobile Payments Startup LoopPay, Readies for Battle with Apple Pay”
“Samsung acquires U.S. mobile payment operator LoopPay”
“Samsung acquires US mobile payment company LoopPay”
“Samsung acquires US mobile payment operator”
“Samsung acquires USA mobile wallet firm”
“Samsung aims at mobile payments through LoopPay”
“Samsung buying LoopPay in bid to challenge Apple Pay”
“Samsung buys Apple Pay Rival LoopPay”
“Samsung buys digital wallet firm LoopPay”
“Samsung Buys Digital Wallet Platform LoopPay”
“Samsung Buys Digital Wallet Provider LoopPay”
“Samsung buys LoopPay”
“Samsung buys LoopPay as Apple Pay dominates contactless payments in US”
“Samsung buys LoopPay as US mobile payments industry set to reach $118bn by 2018”
“Samsung Buys LoopPay to Compete Against Apple Pay”
“Samsung buys LoopPay to counter Apple Pay”
“Samsung buys LoopPay, announcing Apple Pay’s rival”
“Samsung buys LoopPay, Apple Pay rival on the cards”
“Samsung Buys LoopPay; Mobile Payments March Forward”
“Samsung buys LoopPay… to be better at banking than Apple”
“Samsung Buys Mobile Payment Company, US Grows At Slow Rate in January”
“Samsung buys mobile payment start-up LoopPay”
“Samsung buys mobile payments company to compete with Apple”
“Samsung buys mobile payments firm LoopPay to take on Apple Pay”
“Samsung buys mobile payments group LoopPay to compete with Apple”
“Samsung Buys Off Loop Pay to Compete with Apple”
“Samsung buys startup LoopPay, moves towards mobile payments”
“Samsung challenges Apple Pay with LoopPay purchase”
“Samsung confirms mobile wallet ambitions with LoopPay deal”
“SAMSUNG ELECT LTD(F)(SSNLF) Acquires LoopPay to Compete against Apple Inc. (AAPL) Apple Pay”
“Samsung enters into mobile payments with LoopPay buy”
“Samsung goes after Apple on new front”
“Samsung Goes Loopy On Payments”
“Samsung Group Buys Apple Pay Rival LoopPay”
“Samsung Has Gathered Its Forces and Acquired LoopPay, a U.S. Mobile Payments Firm”
“Samsung is buying LoopPay to help build its own Google Wallet/Apple Pay service”
“Samsung looks to LoopPay for mobile pay foothold”
“Samsung officially confirms LoopPay acquisition, an Apple Pay rival”
“Samsung Purchases LoopPay In order To Challenge Apple Pay”
“Samsung Purchases Mobile Payment Startup LoopPay”
“Samsung share price up, pushes into mobile payments via LoopPay acquisition”
“Samsung Snaps Up LoopPay For Galaxy S6 Mobile Payments”
“Samsung squares up to Apple in m-payments”
“Samsung starts new payment to rival Apple Pay”
“Samsung takes on Apple and NFC with LoopPay”
“Samsung targets Apple Pay by acquiring LoopPay”
“Samsung to acquire LoopPay to take on Apple Pay”
“Samsung to Acquire LoopPay, Transformative Digital Wallet Platform”
“Samsung to buy Mobile Payment Platform LoopPay”
“Samsung to buy mobile wallet company LoopPay”
“Samsung To Take On Apple Inc. With LoopPay”
“Samsung to take on Apple Pay following LoopPay acquisition”
“Samsung’s LoopPay Buy Signals Apple Pay Fight”
“Samsung’s LoopPay: What it is, and why you should care”
“Samsung’s Mobile Payment System Could Work Very Differently From Apple Pay”
“Samsungs Mobile Wallet Acquisition of LoopPay Heats up Competition; How it Could Impact Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Wocket and COIN”
“The Mobile Payments Race Is On”
“The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, February 19”
“Why Samsung is Entering the Mobile Payments Fray”
“Why Samsung Is Entering The Mobile Payments Fray”
“Arming for battle against Apple Pay, Samsung buys LoopPay”
“Did Samsung Just Beat Apple in the Mobile Payment Market?”
“How Samsung’s LoopPay Mobile System Works”
“Market Wrap: Markets End Mixed Amid Sour Economic Data; Fed Still Indecisive on Rate Hike; Samsung Makes Play for Pay”
“Samsung acquires Apple Pay competitor LoopPay”
“Samsung acquires Apple Pay competitor LoopPay to accelerate its mobile commerce effort”
“Samsung Acquires Apple Pay Rival LoopPay”
“Samsung Acquires Digital Wallet Platform LoopPay; Tech Giant’s Recent Takeover An Effort To Compete With Apple Pay?”
“Samsung acquires LoopPay for contactless mobile payments without NFC”
“Samsung acquires LoopPay in bid to counter Apple payment system”
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