Loop Fob


Package includes:

  1. Loop Fob
  2. USB Charging Cable
  3. Foam Gel Plastic Bumper (Choose Blue, Gray, Green, Purple or Pink)

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SKU: Fob_Gray.

Product Description

The Loop Fob lets you easily swipe in all your mag stripe cards into your LoopWallet App and let you securely store your card track data full encrypted inside the Fob, and it let you pay with the Fob either in attached or detached mode, at more than 90% of existing merchant POS systems. The Loop Fob is convenient and secure, it can be faster to pay with one hand using Loop, than using two hands to take out your wallet, pull out your card, swipe, then put card back in wallet, and put wallet back. The Fob is also more secure than your leather wallet, it can only be used by your account, the App is locked, and your Fob can be locked by a timer, and even if you lose your Fob, and you did not lock it, you would at most lose one card which you can report to your card issuer straight from the app. The Loop Fob delivers a more secure, more convenient and cooler way to pay.

The Loop Fob bumper comes in a variety of colors, Blue, Gray, Green, Purple or Pink.

Features and Benefits

  • Securely Store and Organize all cards in your wallet (Payment cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, ID/Membership cards,
    insurance cards, etc.)
  • Transmits credit card track data to existing mag stripe POS terminals with no change to merchant systems. Works at 90% of places.
  • Works in detached mode for more convenience and faster payment. Can be locked by you based on timing and preference.


iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c or 5s
LoopWallet available in App Store for FREE download
Setup your LoopWallet account in checkout or after you download the app in order to make payments with the Fob