LoopPay ChargeCase

LoopPay ChargeCase

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LoopPay ChargeCase

Why buy any other battery case when you can pay with your LoopPay ChargeCase?

The LoopPay ChargeCase lets you use your smartphone to pay virtually everywhere. It provides you with a way to securely pay with your mobile phone along with the added benefit of ensuring that you have extra power when you need it.*

For a limited time, a gray LoopPay Fob is included FREE.
$39 retail value.

Available for US Delivery only.

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*The ChargeCase is compatible with
iPhone 5 and 5s NOT 5c.

Swipe card

Keep all your cards with you, available at your fingertips

Keep your cards where you keep your photos and music. Makes sense, doesn’t it?.

Pay with case

Pay with your phone

Easily find the cards you want to use. Simply tap the card image or press a button to pay at the point of sale.


Charge your phone

Need extra power for your iPhone? Just plug the ChargeCase’s lightning connector into your iPhone and enjoy many extra hours of battery life.

LoopPay’s ChargeCase changes the way you pay & powers your phone

The LoopPay ChargeCase lets you easily swipe all your mag stripe cards into the LoopWallet app on your smartphone.

You can then use your phone and ChargeCase to pay virtually everywhere.

For a limited time, LoopPay Fob included FREE.
$39 retail value.

A stylish, multi-function case

The LoopPay ChargeCase provides you with a way to easily store and organize what you carry in your wallet and smartly & securely pay with your mobile phone.

Backup power when needed

The 1400 mAh ChargeCase provides over 60% more backup power so your phone is always ready when you are.

Safe & secure

All of your data is PIN and password protected. Much more secure than your wallet.

Power your payments and your phone

A truly smart case that is tailored for those who are busy making things happen. Charge your payments, charge your phone – all from a very smart, stylish and secure case – The LoopPay ChargeCase.

Fit your style

You not only have the confidence of secure payments but also extra power when you need it.

Flex your power

The LoopPay ChargeCase is a complete package which includes everything you need to start enjoying the power of life in the loop.

Black ChargeCase

Leave your cards and your bulky wallet at home

The LoopWallet app lets you store all your payment, loyalty and gift cards in a single, secure and smart place. Traveling and paying has never been so convenient: your cards are safe, encrypted and PIN protected. Life in the Loop is easy and worry-free.


Have a deeper look on how the LoopWallet app can simplify your life.

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“Spring cleaning; Going digital with your wallet”

Motley Fool

“The Company Seeking to Make MasterCard Inc and Visa Inc “Faster, Easier, Cheaper, and Safer”


“Spring cleaning; Going digital with your wallet”


In the Box

Everything you need to enjoy the true power of LoopPay’s ChargeCase is included with your purchase:

  • LoopPay ChargeCase Device
  • A gray LoopPay Fob (limited time only – retail value $39)
  • USB cable
  • Two replaceable bezels


The ChargeCase connects your LoopWallet to your iPhone 5 or 5S via ultra-secure Bluetooth Low Energy. For convenient, always-ready additional power for your iPhone, simply plug the stored lightning connector from your LoopPay ChargeCase into your iPhone.


The LoopPay ChargeCase is compatible with the iPhone 5 or 5S. More models are under development to support a variety of smartphones.


The LoopPay ChargeCase is available in white & black. It fits your iPhone 5 or 5s like a glove for a fast and fun payment experience while the lightning connector allows you to extend your battery life.

The ChargeCase measures 127mm x 62mm x 16.8mm and weighs only 2.7 ounces.

Battery Life

With a 1400 mAh Battery, the LoopPay ChargeCase is always ready when you are. LoopPay’s ChargeCase gives you more power when you need it most.