LoopPay Fob

LoopPay Fob

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LoopPay Fob

The Fast, Easy & Smart
Way to Pay

The LoopPay Fob allows you to pay on the go.

It is the first iPhone and Android-compatible device that can actually make credit, debit and gift card payments at millions of merchants world wide. Plus, you can store and organize all of your loyalty, rewards and ID cards for quick access when you need them.

Check your Android compatibility HERE

Available for US Delivery only.

Clear selection
Swipe cards

Store & organize all of your cards

Securely store and organize all of your cards in your LoopPay Fob with your LoopWallet.

Pay with Fob and phone

Pay with your phone

Easily find the cards you want to use at point of sale in your mobile phone and use them to pay.

Pay with Fob

Pay with LoopPay Fob alone

Attach it to your keyring and quickly checkout with the press of a button.

LoopPay’s Fob turns your smartphone into your Smart Wallet

Easily swipe all your mag stripe cards into the LoopPay Fob using your smartphone’s LoopWallet App.

You can then use your phone to pay virtually everywhere.

Fob in phone
Independent from phone

Detach the LoopPay Fob from your phone and attach it to your keyring and shop in Button Pay Mode

Always available

The long-life battery powered LoopPay Fob is always ready when you need it.


We use a secure memory and a complex security algorithm to store your card data and to prevent others from accessing your information.

Pay fast and on the go

Pay with the simple push of a button – that’s it. All the data on your LoopPay Fob is super secure and allows you to leave your wallet behind.

Fit your style

The LoopPay Fob is protected with a comfortable silicon bumper available in multiple colors.


The LoopPay Fob comes with everything you need to start experiencing life in the Loop.

Leave your cards and your fat wallet at home

The LoopWallet lets you store all your payment, loyalty and gift cards in a single, secure and smart place. Traveling and paying has never been so convenient; your cards are safe because they are encrypted and PIN protected. Life in the Loop is easy and worry-free.


Have a deeper look on how the LoopWallet can simplify your life.

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“Spring cleaning; Going digital with your wallet”

Motley Fool

“The Company Seeking to Make MasterCard Inc and Visa Inc “Faster, Easier, Cheaper, and Safer”


“Spring cleaning; Going digital with your wallet”

Fob headphone jack

In the Box

Everything you need to use the LoopPay Fob is included with your purchase:

  • LoopPay Fob Device
  • Key Ring Adapter
  • Silicon Bumper in the Color of your choice
  • USB Cable


The LoopPay Fob easily connects to your iOS or Android powered Smartphone through the audio jack. The LoopPay Fob may be used while connected to your smartphone or detached in the ultra-convenient “Button Pay” mode. Button Pay allows you to attach your LoopPay Fob to your keyring or place in your pocket; however your like!


The LoopPay Fob is compatible with any iPhone 4 or 5 as well as most Android Phones running OS 4.2 or higher*

*please check Android compatibility HERE


The LoopPay Fob comes in white only but is nicely customized to your taste by a variety of Bumper colors (Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple).

The LoopPay Fob measures 39mm x 45mm x 13mm and weighs a mere .8 ounces

Battery Life

Under normal use, the LoopPay Fob should operate just fine by charging monthly using the included USB cable.