New LoopPay App Available

Whether you're on iOS or Android, the New LoopPay app is available for download.

LoopPay 1.4.0 for iOS
  • Support for the LoopPay CardCase and Card Reader
  • Improved landscape mode for card viewing
  • Usability enhancements
  • New LoopPay logo and branding

LoopPay 1.3 for Android
  • Support for the LoopPay Card and Card Reader
  • Choose payment option on loyalty card details screen
  • New LoopPay logo & branding
  • LoopPay Card Help & Tutorials 

Holiday Shopping is in Full Swing
LoopPay Store on Amazon is Open for Business

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LoopPay in the News

Dave Welliver of "Money Under 30" took LoopPay out for a test drive. See what he thinks and imagine how much fun you might have with your local merchants during the holidays. See his blog post on Business Insider.