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This Tiny Metal Coil Has the Power to Change Mobile Payments and Become Bigger than Apple Pay

The metal coil shown here doesn't look like much. Just some looped copper. But...

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The Newest mobile wallet getting a lot of attention is LoopPay. All your cards are organized and secured on your phone. Your credit cards, your rewards cards, your gift cards, your ID.

Globetrotter Larry Moss Uses LoopPay Everywhere He Travels


"I have been using the latest LoopPay Fob "card" (LoopPay Card) during my travels for the past two months.  It has been used many, many times at merchants at various islands in the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia, California, NC, SC, NJ, NY, PA, IL, DE, CT, etc...  It has worked .... 99% of the time and everyone is amazed and none ever questions the validity of the process or result. Your product has the added advantage that it came out before the Wocket, Coin, etc."

 --Larry Moss