Samsung Pay News

"With its new Galaxy S6 smartphone, Samsung Electronics Co. isn't just going toe-to-toe with Apple Inc. on hardware. It is also looking to jump ahead of its Cupertino, Calif.-based rival in one of the most competitive battlegrounds in mobile software and services: payments."

--Jonathan Cheng, Wall Street Journal

"Samsung Pay will have one key advantage over Apple Pay: It will work with regular magnetic credit-card readers, which in theory means it will be compatible with far more retailers' payment terminals. Apple Pay works only if the retailer has a special near-field-communication payment pad. (Samsung Pay will also support NFC.)"

--Steve Kovach, Business Insider

"Today Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced the latest in mobile payment services, Samsung Pay, ushering in a new era of mobile payments and ecommerce. Samsung Pay allow consumers to transition to secure mobile payments at nearly all merchant locations."

--Samsung Press Release

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